A. Marriage between two Catholics

  1. NEW COPIES OF BAPTISMAL & CONFIRMATION CERTIFICATES with annotation “for marriage purposes” (6 months validity prior to the wedding date)
  2. MARRIAGE LICENSE to be secured form the Civil Registry of Marriage of the city or town of either the bride or groom.(Or CERTIFIED TRUE COPY OF THE CIVIL MARRIAGE CONTRACT) (120 days Validity prior to the wedding date)
  3. ECCLESIASTIC BANNS (Announcement of Marriage in the parishes of the bride and groom). THe forms will be provided by the parish office.
  4. PERMIT to be secured from the parish of the bride. THe appropriate form will be provided by the parish office.
  5. CERTIFICATE OF FREEDOM TO MARRY must be secured by the bride / groom working or living abroad from their parish.
  6. LIST OF NAMES & ADDRESSES OF SPONSORS to be submitted in the final interview (6 pairs maximum)
  7. PRE CANA SEMINAR (every 3rd Friday of the month)
  8. CANONICAL INTERVIEW (a week or 2 weeks before the wedding)
  9. Death Certificate of the Deceased Partner for widow or widower,
  10. DOCUMENTATION OF NULLITY from the competent MATRIMONIAL TRIBUNAL for those marriages which had been declared NULL & VOID.
  11. CLEARANCE from the base military authorities if a military man.
  12. CATHOLIC MARRIAGE CONTRACT for Golden/Silver Wedding Anniversaries.

B. Marriage between a Filipino and Foreigner

  1. A letter of Clearance from Archdiocese of Manila Chancery Office at 121 Arzobispo St., Intramuros, Manila

C. Marriage between Catholic and Non-Catholic

Aside from the basic requirements and documents needed as mentioned in items 1-4 of the preceding “Marriage Between Two Catholics” and including such other applicable requirements and documents needed, the following are still needed:

  1. Certificate of Freedom to Marry form the Non-Catholic Minister or Pastor
  2. Proclamation of Banns for the Catholic Party
  3. Permission of Mixed Religion or dispensation of Disparitas Cultus as the case may be.