Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

To strengthen and unite the different parish mandated organizations, PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL was created. It is the umbrella of all the organizations in the parish. Its mission is to encourage lay people to actively participate at various church activities such as charity campaigns (gift giving to indigents), apostolate works (prison visit, caring for the sick), fund raising projects, active participation in the Eucharistic and other liturgical celebrations and recruit as well as organize volunteers during elections and disasters.

The San Sebastian Parish Pastoral Council was formed in 1978 with Attorney Leopoldo Dela Rosa as its first President. From then on it holds monthly meeting every first Saturday of the month. The exofficio members are the parish priest together with his assistants, officer of the Parish Pastoral Council, all the Presidents of every parish mandated organizations together with two delegates from each of them. It is during these monthly meeting when activities are being planned out, problems concerning the parish are discussed, and other pertinent matters are entertained. It serves as and effective medium of communication between the priests and parishioners.

Parish Pastoral Council President

Atty Leopoldo Dela Rosa 1978-1982
Judge Ramon Santiago 1982-1984
Bro. Manuel Concepcion 1984-1986
Sis. Zenaida Maglalang 1986-1992
Bro. Ener Montemayor 1992-1994
Bro. Jose Del Rio 1994-1996
Sis Karina Juan 1996-1999
Bro. Felipe Tngocia 2000-2006
Bro. Martin Osite 2006-2012
Bro. Emerson Brion 2012-2015
Bro. Martin Osite 2015-Present