Holy Name Society

During the dark history of the church, there was a moment that heresy became rampant and almost destroyed its very foundation. But God the Almighty take a hand in choosing the right person to defend the church in the person of Saint Dominic who taught the people to respect the name of God. In the year 1274, during the council of Lyon His Holiness Pope Gregory X ordered the devotion to the holy Name of Jesus. John de Vercelli spearheaded the confraternity wherever necessary. From then on, the Holy Name Society rapidly grew from diocese until it crossed the ocean and landed in the different shores including the Philiippines. Because of the importance of the movement, the Holy Name Society of the Philippines was recognized and given mandate by the Episcopal Commission on Catholic Action on APril 21 19 51. There followed the establishment of the Archdiocesan Union of the Holy Name Society of Manila with all the units being under its umbrella. The San Sebastian Parish Unit Holy Name Society was canonically erected on August 12, 1986 during the incumbency of Fr. Nicolas Salvatierra as parish priest.

Beginning 1986, the San Sebastian Holy Namers regularly joined the confraternity in the “Walk for Peace” in going to Antipolo City during Independence Day and attend a regular monthly meeting of the society. Through the help of the Parish Pastoral Church, the San Sebastian Unit hosted this monthly meeting twice: one in 1992 and the other was in 1997. It also participated on bowling tournament and captured the Championship trophy. When there were some special activities, the society also sent representatives, for example, the Christmas Party usually held in some prestigious places like the Army and Navy Club, Philippine Club, and the recent Golden Anniversary held in Manila Hotel.

For its spiritual nourishment, the members attend the regular annual retreat and recollection, the Bennial and National Conventions conducted but the Archdiocesan Union Holy Name Society of Manila. They participate at Sto. Nino yearly parade in Roxas Boulivard.

As a parish mandated organization, the Holy Name Society is assigned to take care of decorating the Carroza of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel during the 1st Saturday dawn procession every month, in-charge of doing marshals during the parish religious processions and serve as collectors every Sunday during the 8:00 PM Mass. The members have a house to house visit with the Image of Sto. Nino every Monday. They hold meeting every Sunday and make themselves always available to assist the parish priest whenever called for.