Confraternity of Augustinian Recollect Altar Servers

They are young boys who assist the priest in the celebration of the sacraments particularly the Eucharist. Sometimes, they are referred to as Mass Servers, Sacristans, Aco-lytes.

It is easy to presume that there were already sacristans here in San Sebastian ever since the early part of its existence, if not right at the very beginning. It could be recalled that in the old times, there were religious brothers assigned to attend to the needs of the church. Moreover, as part of apostolate of the community, there were convent boys who were interns and were sent to school. Their duty was to take care of of the cleanliness of the church and assist in the mass.

When San Sebastian Parish was created, the sacristans were organized better. Their formation was attended to by an Augustunian Recollect Sister. With his background in liturgy, Fr. Sammy Silloriquez gave them the necessary training as to the proper way of serving, especially during solemn liturgical celebrations. With the number of sacristans increasing, another priest in the person of Fr. Emil Quilatan who organized their formation program and their investiture assisted by their respective family. Part of their program are sportfests with their fellow sacristans form other Recollect Churches and out of town excursions.

At present, there are 20 senior sacristans and 30 junior mostly active in the parish. They take turns in serving in all masses on Sundays and weekdays. The seniors are the ones assigned duringsolemn masses on special occasions and during the parish mass every Sunday at 6:00 PM. They hold bible sharing every Thursday. Many of them are parish scholars whose tuition is handled by the parish.