Cathechist Guild

As early as 1979, there were professional cathechists hired to teach at Avancena and Aguinaldo High Schools. They were products form Lumen Christi Cathetical Formation Center and Stella Maris. During weekdays, they were regularly teaching religions among high school students and were serving sat the parish during the weekends. After a seminar on evangelization, a part of their work was to conduct bible sharing among block leaders. Sr. Maria Paz Bawagan was one of the first AR Coordinators

In April 1985, the parish organized a catechetical seminar for volunteer catechists. The main purpose was to catechist street children. It took effect during the month of May. After the May flower festival, the catechists made house visitation in order to encourage the parents to allow their children to come for catechism every Sunday. That was the beginning of Sunday afternoon catechism being held up to present. From their religious instructions, the children are led to attend mass; the children mass at 4:00 PM. A snack is served after the mass. It was in 1988 when some volunteer catechists were sent to the Mother of Life Formation Center for their training.

Every year, the parish celebrates the achievements of the children who attended religious instructions. They are awarded with certificates and being provided with school supplies. During Christmas, they are being entertained with parties and gifts. At present, there are around 70 to 100 children who come every Sunday with 16 active volunteer catechists. They have an Augustinian Recollect Sister Coordinator and some AR Aspirants who also give them

Other than imparting religious instructions to the children, the catechists also take charge of the choir every 8:00 AM mass on Sundays. Afterwards, they have their In Service-Training and meeting. THey also take care of preparing the children for the first communion and confirmation. As for their personal preparation, every now and then, a seminar is being conducted where resource persons are being invited. Once a year, they go for annual retreat which is usually followed by an excursion.