Block Rosary Federation

The Block Rosary Federation was founded in 1985 during the time of Father Nicolas Salvatierra, OAR as parish priest.

The San Sebastian Parish Block Rosary Federation has under its jurisdiction 21 blocks or areas of responsibilities. Each area has different leaders. THeir main concern is to encourage the different families in the parish to pray daily the holy rosary, inspiring them with an assurance: THE FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER. They take care of the weekly transfer of the image of our Blessed Mother form one house to another. As a common activity, the group takes care of Sunday mass collection during the 5:00 afternoon mass.

The main yearly activity if this organization is the living rosary being held on October 15 or another date agreed upon. During Lenten season and Good Friday, with the help of different parish organisations, all the officers and members of the Block Rosary lead the Station of the Cross in the different areas of the parish.

THe members of this group dedicate themselves to the apostolate of visiting the sick in the area. They also help preparing candidates for mass wedding, baptism and confirmation.