Apostleship of Prayers

Apostleship of Prayer San Sebastian Parish was founded on April 1979. Fr. German Chicote, OAR was the first A.P. Spiritual Director.

The Apostleship of Prayer is a holy union of the Faithful. By their daily self-offering, they unite themselves with the Eucharistic sacrifice and, by this vital union with Christ, cooperate in the salvation of the world.

Conscious of their obligation as members of Christ’s mystical body to spread the Kingdom of God, they join prayers and sacrifice, so that they may contribute to the building up of Christ.

This union with Christ the High Priest by Prayers and sacrifice requires an intimate bond through mutual love. Hence, devotion to the Heart of Jesus is intimately associated with the Apostleship of Prayer. Through it, the faithful enter deeply into the ministry of Jesus and share profoundly in the Pascal Mystery of Christ.

The purpose of A.P. is to unite the faithful in a common bond of prayers and Christian living. Its goal is the development of the true Christian spirit in its members so that they can live the spirit of the Gospel is the spirit of the Heart of Christ which is the love of God and our neighbor.

Important Activities: Prison apostolate, dial a prayer or prayer request, enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, seminar and recollections.

Specific Activities:

1. Sunday mass collectors
2. Holy Hour every 1st Friday on the month
3. Meeting every first Sunday of the month
4. Sick visitation
5. Marriage validation
6. Bible enthronement